Will Drafting

  • What is the document(s) you need to prepare for your list of assts in a will?

    Bank AccountName of Bank and Location Account Number
    Fixed DepositName of Bank and Location Account Number
    Real PropertyTitle Deed’s Number Property Address
    SharesName of Company Account Number
    Partnership AgreementName of Partnership Nature and estimated value of the testator’s interest in the partnership
    VehicleVehicle Registration Document
    ChattelDescription of the Chattel
  • What is the maximum number of executor(s) you can appoint in a will?

    Four (4)

  • How important is the choice of executor and trustee?

    The choice is of crucial importance, the executor and trustee should be someone honest and blessed with business acumen ensure that the financial welfare and interest of the beneficiaries are looked after and/or someone would also act as quasi-parents where there are minor children, giving them the much needed comfort and guidance.

  • Is it important to date a will?

    It is essential that a will be dated.

  • What are the advantages of making a will?

    – the appointment of executors in the will ensures that some one is, immediately upon the death of the testator, in charge of the testator’s estate and affairs;

    – the testator has a say in the management and distribution of his estate and affairs for many years after his death;

    – the testator ensures that his property is distributed in accordance with his wishes;

    – the administration of the testator’s estate is made more convenient than it would be in the event of an intestacy.

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